What people are saying about us.

The client was once again over the moon impressed by ya’ll at Quicksilva – thank you for your ongoing professionalism and attention to detail.

Rob, Morgtage Lender

I HONESTLY DO NOT believe it would of gotten done yesterday if it was another attorney doing the closing!! We had some last minute hiccups... You got it done, your team is AWESOME!!!! Thank you!

Angelo, Mortgage Loan Originator

Your company has been quite impressive to work with. Each contact I have had with your team has been professional and almost immediate in response. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Ann, Mortgage Sales Manager

Just wanted to let you know that the loan you got me title for in 20 MINUTES is closing tonight and the borrower could not be happier with the service that they received. I thank you all!!!

Jamie, Loan Processor

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! You really made this happen, and the buyers are so thrilled to finally be home-owners! This was probably one of the quickest closings on record, but we got it done. THANKS AGAIN!!

Jeanne, Realtor

I’m so happy to hear that everything went smooth. Thank you for your un-waivering support and assistance through this process.Truly I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in Jessica. No matter what happened in this process, she was always there to assist and update me as needed. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future!

Jaime M., Processor

Hi Jarrett, I just want to say you did a great job as usual.

Ron, Mortgate Consultant

I have worked with Ted Silva and the entire Quicksilva Title team numerous times, and am always impressed with their professionalism, quality of work, and low fees. I highly recommend them!

Doug J., Submitted on Google Plus Business Review

Lauren was terrific and explained everything. Very very good at making a person feel comfortable. I am familiar with the "process" and every time I get a little nervous about, am I doing the right thing etc. Talking with Lauren really helped me. She was on time professional yet warm and knowledgeable. All good qualities..and more.

Diana G., Submitted on Google Plus Business Review

I recently purchased a home and hired QuickSilva Title as my Attorney. They were extremely convenient and helpful. They seemed to schedule everything around my needs. Whether it was reviewing the documents for the purchase or actually scheduling the closing I was allowed to pick whatever time worked best for my schedule.

Bob J., 5 Star Yelp Review

Had a really good experience with the folks at Quick Silva. I called to check in about my options for a refinance on my condo in Brighton. After a friendly conversation where they were able to find out my current situation and contact details, I was put in touch with mortgage specialist. I was impressed with the quick turnaround time, and professionalism from everyone involved. I would certainly recommend Quick Silva to others.

Douglas K., Submitted to Better Business Bureau

We have used QuickSilva twice so far and I have to say that they are awesome! Attorney Lauren handled our most recent home purchase and I have to say that was the smoothest part of the entire process. She was very organized and professional, quickly completing the transaction so we could move on with moving in. I would highly recommend QuickSilva for your real estate closing needs.

Ro R., 5-Star Yelp Review

AJ and Jen were fantastic. This loan went sideways a couple of times, but AJ and Jen kept up to speed on what was happening. They were accommodating and instrumental in getting the borrowers to the closing table. Great job!

Brad W., Sr. Mortgage Loan Development Officer

Richard thinks highly of your firm. I am happy to learn his judgment of your firm is spot on. Thanks for your help.

Lou M., Senior Loan Officer

I went to a closing today.I just wanted to convey to you that I was really happy with the QuickSilva team. Jen and Mark were great to work with. Lauren (the closing attorney) was fantastic as well. Keep up the good work.

Kaushal V., Mortgage Consultant

Thank you for all your help, Ted. You guys really are the best in the business!

Kevin K., Wealth Management Banker

Dawna: Thanks for your help with this file. This was for a large producing FA and he said that we are using QuickSilva as much as we can!

Richard D., VP Wealth Management Banker

Ted: It was a pleasure running into you at three closings! As always, you and your team at QuickSilva do an excellent job.

Sandra g., Loan Officer

Kudos to Dawna throughout the process. Great communication and service. She really helped to get what we needed right down to the wire.

Kevin K., CFP

Amazing job all around. So impressed with your service. Thank you.

Kelly H., Mortgage Loan Officer

Ted, I know my cousins deal was small, but I want to thank you for a seamless closing (at her kitchen table in the Bronx) and title process. You guys are great! Please know that any deals I get in that area will go your way. I am in NY but I have a lot of family on the Cape and in the Boston/NE area and I really appreciate the good job!!

Tom K., Mortgage Loan Officer

WOW! You guys do not mess around! You’re the real deal! I am so glad Thomas introduced me to your team!

Miguel D., Lender

Jarrett has been doing an excellent job reviewing a P&S for a client.

Marco B., Realtor

Thank you very much for your hard work. We appreciate having such a great business partner. Please share my thanks with the rest of the team and have a great weekend!

Thomas K., Loan Processor

Great news. Always love using you guys!

Saul S., Relationship Manager

Just wanted to say thank you for making my dreams come true! You guys were amazing! Thanks again!

Nyher, Homeowner

You are my hero, John! Thank you,

Kaushal V., Mortgage Consultant

Thanks all.....as usual, GREAT JOB! Love love love QST!!

Charlynne F., Mortgage Development Officer

I love you guys! You make my job easy!!


That was fast!! Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Gail C., Processor

Truly impressed with your Team, Ted.

Andrew M., Realtor

Thanks. That's quick. I have never worked with a more efficient real estate law firm.

John G., President, Mortgage Company

You guys are incredible! Now that is service!

Stephanie H., Loans Fullfilment Specialist

AJ: You have saved the day! Thank you!

Barbara K., Senior Loan Officer

Thank you Ted! Your company is a pure pleasure to work with. Hope you have a nice long weekend.

Dana Y., Loan Processor

Thank you Ted. I never have an issue when I work with your team, especially Dawna G.

James L., Loan Processor

Thank you - it was a pleasure working with your firm. I was very impressed with your service. I will be using you in the future.

Brad F., Lender

Thank you kindly for all of your efforts with this transaction. It was truly a pleasure working with you!

Laura H., Realtor/Owner

I faxed you over the signed homestead this morning, please let me know if you did not get it. Thanks again for the other night. You made it easy to understand and quick to finish.

Amanda M., Homeowner

This company is awesome to work with, and we just found out that they do also have Spanish speaking attorney to do closings! They are already on our approved list and they are fantastic to work with! They are out of Somerville and like RES Title have an online calculator, close in 47 states and will close anywhere at any time. They have on call attorneys on the weekends to review P&S, etc. Great service all around.

Sarah S., Mortgage Retail Sales Manager

Ted: Thanks to you and your team for making your end seamless – this is an extremely important client of one our top producing & influential FAs. Onto the next deal….

Jay V. Senior Wealth Management Banker

I love it, you guys are the best. Wish you could do all of our closings.

Teresa C., Lender

Hi, Jen: I understand the closing has been moved back to Friday, and I just wanted to tell you that your conciliatory efforts on last week spoke very well of you and your organization. You were the most professional and accommodating person in this entire exchange. Having been a mortgage loan officer for many years (and not far from my 40thanniversary here at the bank) I wanted to let you know that especially in light of all that was going on, I really appreciated you: you were kind, efficient, and you went out of your way to try to find solutions for all sides. This has been a particularly difficult transaction and you were the one bright light that I came across. So thank you very much, and please know that your efforts and cooperative demeanor did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Barbara M., Vice President, Bank

You are an animal. Dan, you're the best. I appreciate all you do for me. There is nobody else out there that does what you do for me along with your availability and knowledge and just a strong work ethic is a huge asset for Ted.

Adam M., Mortgage Advisor

You and your team have proved yourselves over and over again! I so appreciate and enjoy working with you! Thank you.

Barbara K., Senior Loan Officer

The realtor called me and said how great you were at the closing, specially dealing with Mr. [X]. Thank you for yesterday’s closing!

Cesar A., Mortgage Consultant

Thanks Ted! You guys are doing a great job. You make it easy for me. Dan is a bulldog chasing down subordinations! Jen and AJ respond immediately when I need them! And I know there are others doing a great job as well- not to miss anyone. Great to work with a group that has the same urgency to get deals closed that I do.

Paul F., Lender

You all are far and away the best company I have worked with since 1995!!

Gail C., Processor

Thank you Ted, again, for the closings you do. You are amazing…

Jenevieve I., Assistant Loan Processing Supervisor

God bless and thank you ever so much - your team was wonderful and very professional (and there will be more property if my 5 year plan works)

Donna D., Home buyer

You are awesome. Thank you.

Kaushal V., Mortgage Consultant

Good stuff! I have a huge onslaught of refis coming in. As always, Quicksilva is our first look for all title work.

Alexandria H., Vice President / Private Banker

Thanks Ted! You all are wonderful. Everyone I have dealt with so far has been incredibly helpful and friendly.

Amanda V., Loan Processor

Thank you and your staff.

Barry S., Senior Vice President, Mortgage Company

Thank you and your team for providing consistently excellent service to our clients.

Alex K., Vice President, Wealth Management

Hi Ted, your team did a great job on a loan for me this week- thanks!

Lisa G., Mortgage Consultant

Thank you! Thanks for all your help-this has to be the best title company I have ever worked with!

Annie H., Home Loan Processor

I sincerely appreciate you offering the rush service though and can assure you that whenever possible I’ll be sending my deals to you and your team. No one delivers service and reliability better than your team. Thank you again,

Timothy J., Vice President, 
Wealth Management

Ted: You guys are great! Dawna and Vanessa are the best!

Saul S., Mortgage Services

Jessica went so above and beyond!! This is a great service reminder. You all closed one of my listings...Jared was attorney...A+

Judy M., Realtor

Dawna: Thank you as always for such a wonderful experience. These clients are new to us, and we really needed to roll out the red carpet, and we all did so, and provided a great experience. Over the last year I have been very impressed with the team at Quicksilva, and have no plans on slowing down the referrals.

Brian S., Vice President, Wealth Management

Thanks again for everything - you guys seriously are on the ball and I really appreciate how easy and painless it has been working with both of you, and everyone else on your team!!!!!

Milena V., Home buyer

Awesome, this is what I’m looking for. Thank you QuickSilva! I enjoy working with your law firm.

Sean H., Home Loan Advisor

Thanks for the great service. Dawna is awesome!!

Kimberly B., Vice President, Wealth Management

I wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know that my wife and I couldn't be happier with Jessica and the work she is doing on our current home purchase process. Remember this summer you guys helped me with my closing when I sold a condo in Worcester. [X] and I reached out to you guys again because my wife and I are in the process of buying a home in Arlington. Jessica has been amazing. She is incredibly responsive, available anytime we need to talk, concise in her updates and just an overall joy to work with. I run a services team myself, and I am generally very strict with them as far as their performance, so I always jump at the chance to recognize anyone that I come across that is doing outstanding work. Thanks for everything you guys have done for us this past year,

Luke C., Buyer

Dawna: It took you 9 minutes to get this resolved for me, why so long? Ha ha, you are the best! This is why I send all my work to you!

Matt M., Loan Processor

Ted: I just wanted to write and let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with Dan on this subordination. He has gone above and beyond. I truly have enjoyed working with him. Of course your office in general, but he went above and beyond and I wanted you to know that.

LeAnn J., Loan Processor

Thank you so much for stepping up on this. You really came through on this one. I have been calling the condo association all morning and have not been able to get anyone on the phone. Thank you again for going above and beyond on this and stepping up. It is really appreciated.

Chris R., Loan analyst

We are going with Quick Silva Title for this order. They have the best customer service in this industry.

David C., Vice President, Wealth Management Banker

Jen is great - she really goes above and beyond. I am sure you already know but thought I would pass along anyway.

Sarah S., Mortgage Sales Manager

Thank you Dan for your speed!

Adam M., Mortgage Advisor

Thank you again for all of your help. You have done a wonderful job for us!!! I am happy to recommend your company and use you again.

Kathy D., Vice President, Wealth Management Banker

Thank you for such a QUICK response to my request. Have a great weekend.

Cindy R., Loan Servicing Specialist

Again, many, many thanks for the hard work – you folks are truly awesome business and community partners.

Bob S., Home Loan Advisor

I have always been a huge fan of you and your team so you are always the first one offered!

Rebecca P., Home Loans Closer

Excellent! Wow. Thanks so much for the quickest refi title response I’ve ever had!! I will keep them coming!

Peter C., Mortgage company

Hi Ted: I need to tell you that Dennis is great, I lean on him more often than not and he could not be any more accommodating!!! Thank you for having such great people to work with!

Susan B., Vice President, Wealth Management Banker

Hi Dawna: Well deserved! Many Wealth Bankers throughout the country sing your company’s praises. You have an excellent reputation. I now can personally confirm all these wonderful things.

Tarek E., Vice President, Wealth Management Banker

In case nobody had told you today you are AWESOME!

Karrendie J., Processor

Wow, I don't need to download copies, but thank you for offering. This process has been smooth. 
I feel like I can't say thank you enough.

Ruby R., Home buyer

Wonderful job! I can’t thank you enough!

Patricia S., Processor

Wow! I'm so impressed! THANK YOU so very much! What a wonderful service you guys provide! Very clear, easy to understand, and very professional!

Brian P., Processor

Thank you for your quick turn time! It’s been a pleasure working with your team!

Diane G., Lender

Yay! Thank you Jen, you are the best!

Julie T., Loan document specialist

That was fast, thank you so much for taking care of it so quickly.

Mike L., Mortgage processor


Thomas L., Lender

You folks are awesome!!!!!!!

Bob S., Home Loan Advisor


Susan C., Lender

Hi Ted: I just wanted to reach out to let you know my office just closed our first that I know of Quicksilva closing. I was processing the paper work and noticed that is was your office, so I asked the agent how it went. He said that it went very well and that the gentlemen who did the closing was very professional and right on top of things. Thank You

Joseph P., Realtor

Dear Team QuickSilva: Wanted to share that we needed a RUSH quote for a purchase in West Dennis, MA . We provided the zip code, loan amount and purchase price. You were able to turn it around in 5 min. I want you to know how impressed we are with all of you, that you have done a great job, we love your QUICK turnaround time especially with Purchase quotes. And that even though we have another attorney we use, you are blowing them out of the water. QuickSilva is now our NUMBER ONE!!!! Even though other attorneys work with us, they don’t work as fast and efficient as QuickSilva. GO QUICKSILVA!!

Ken B., Mortgage Loan Officer

This is why we love you guys…no other firm would do this …Thanks Dennis, Ashley & Dan!

Thomas C., Regional Lending Manager

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Bill C., Mortgage Development Officer

Ashley: Thanks for your exceptional customer service level. It reminds me of the title companies of “yesteryear”. I worked at a title company in the past, and am excited and pleased to see that not every title company out there does “just the bare minimum”. This transaction is truly the definition of Customer Service at its highest level.

Jonathan H., Senior Mortgage Coordinator

Thank you Ashley. This has been a first class experience.

Emil I., Mortgage Sales Manager

Wonderful, thanks so much for never making me worry about it once you have it.

Jennifer M., Loan Processor

Wow – that is how you obtained your name Quick Silva Title

Glenn S., Mortgage Consultant

Hi Ted: I wanted to let you know that you were the #1 law firm/title agent in Massachusetts for 2013!! Congratulations and thank you so much for choosing Stewart! I continue to enjoy working with you and your office and hope for a successful 2014!

Nicole C., Agency Sales Representative, Stewart Title Guaranty Company - Massachusetts

Good morning Team: I would like to thank you for your diligence and speed during this closing, I know we needed things to come together quickly and you delivered! My client was happy, which makes me happy. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you for this closing.

Casey M., Loan Processor

Hello Dawna: Thank you for contacting me. It is great to have 1 central contact. I have cc’d my partner [X] on this reply email. She & I are one underwriting team here and we work in tandem with each other. We have always enjoyed QuickSilva & now, it will be even better with one person to contact & facilitate. Thank you. Enjoy your Day!

Kristin D., Senior Loan Analyst

You guys rock - thank you very much for everything and making it happen - seriously!! I swear by you guys and appreciate everything!! I added AJ too for being lightening quick on the subordination because that would have never happened without you guys taking the lead on it.! Thanks again and I owe you all big time and will get over there one of these days for sure!!

Mike D., Lender

Thanks Jen. It was a pleasure working with you.

Fran S., Broker

Fantastic! Thanks for the always fast awesome service!

Clifford C., Mortgage Advisor

You ARE the best! Always get the job done for me!

Georgette B., Loan Closer

Hi Ted: I wanted to thank you very much for your excellence! I am no longer with [X] mortgage; I am in a totally different department now. I also wanted to say again that Quick Silva was the best title company and great staff! I always told the reps that when I was there. Thank you again, and tell them all I said hello.

Diane R., Lender

Thank you, Ted!

Angela B.

You ROCK!!!

Denise J., Mortage Operations

Jessica was innovative, creative, available even on a Sunday and quick to respond. I was thrilled to have her on my team. This article helps me understand that Jessica is not the only one in your office that gives such great service!

Angela B., Broker/Realtor

Hi Ted, That is really exciting… You know I love working with your firm. You have the best prices and do not have those hidden fees to the borrower. You will definitely be handling my next refinance.

Donna F., Lender

Awesome! Thanks - you guys are the best.

S. F. Mortgage Broker

So happy and so impressed with the service and care I received from QuickSilva! Just did back to back closings, selling and buying in the same day and everything had to be perfect for this to work. Thank goodness I was in good hands with this law firm. Daniel not only provided me piece of mind with such a stressful situation but also held the sellers hands the whole way through as well! Ted Silva closed both transactions and made sure everything was recorded same day! Thank you Ted, Daniel and everyone at QST!

Andrea B., Homeowner

I have used QuickSilva Title twice now and have been 100% satisfied both times. I used their firm 5 years ago when I was purchasing my condo and just recently when I purchased a single family home and sold the condo I bought 5 years ago. Jessica was my attorney the second time around and she went above and beyond. During the closing, Lauren my closing attorney walked through everything in great detail and made sure that I understood what I was signing. I never felt like I did not know what was going on because she gave a clear understanding of what the numbers and verbiage meant. If anyone is going through the home buying process, I would strongly recommend using QuickSilva Title especially if you want a responsive team. I plan to use QuickSilva Title in the future if I purchase another home :)

Nicole F.

As a Realtor I am so fortunate to have discovered QuickSilva Title! My buyer's lender used them on my last transaction. That sale, as with most, ran into complications. The difference was that the attorney, Jessica, was an incredible asset in helping find solutions! This was an extremely time sensitive sale, we had not one moment to lose. Jessica was always available, replied to emails on Sunday, easy to reach by phone and always friendly and thoughtful in her responses. She was an absolute jewel to work with. Obviously, this is not my usual experience with Real Estate Attorneys. I highly recommend this company! After this sale I read through QuickSilva Title's web site and saw that Ted Silva's goal is excellent service at the client's convenience. The web site says: "This company grew from a passion. We give the best service in the industry - every time." I can tell you that was exactly what I experienced.

Angela B., Realtor

It was an amazing experience to work with company like Quick Silva Title. I have recommended their services to everyone I know since nowadays with these rates and this economy everyone needs someone like them to rely and benefit from. Big thank you to the team at Quick Silva Title company!

Junior O., Homeowner

We hired Quick Silva for the closing of our refinance last month and everything went really smooth and the way I was anticipating. They helped us save money, gave us the opportunity to relax and not to worry about the paperwork which they took care of for us. We were just there to sign final papers and knew that the rest was being taken care of for us. My boyfriend and I are very busy with our full time jobs and don't have time to waste on paperwork and having to go back and forth with signatures and the like. The attorney from Quick Silva helped us big time with all of this. We cannot show our appreciation enough for what this company has done for us! In this economy, we were really blessed to have them in our life at a time of need. They helped us save a lot of money which will be extremely beneficial for savings for our future. Thanks so much to the Quick Silva Title team. You guys are an amazing team of professionals!

Brittany H., Homeowner

Fortunately for my wife and I, we enjoyed the benefit of having QuickSilva Title on our side through the whole process. We mostly worked with Dawna and Jarrett who were instrumental in making sure everything was where it needed to be when it needed to be. But beyond that, the level of customer service we received was remarkable. These guys really get the fact that they're a service provider. Every email we sent, no matter how mundane or trivial the question or request, was answered with a smile in prompt fashion. The bottom line is, we went into this process thinking it didn't matter who we hired for the titling, and walked out thanking our lucky stars we had QuickSilva to walk us through.

Mark G., Homeowner

We were completely satisfied and found them to be professional, and very helpful with any questions we may have had. Jessica, AJ, and Cassey were very helpful and we appreciate all of the extra wok they did. We love our new home and we are very thankful for for everything QuickSilva has done to make the process as smooth as it was. You all are Amazing. What a great TEAM you have!!!!

Rebecca S., Homeowner

Wow what a team. Just closed today on a home 7/31/14 in Swansea , ma. Dan, Aj and Jen thank you you all did a great job getting the final process together so quickly.Ted, thank you also. Ted, give the team a big lift!!!!!!! Thank you all!

Don H., Homeowner

I just recently used QuickSilva Title for the purchase of our home in Scituate. I was completely satisfied and found them to be professional, efficient and responsive in every situation we encountered during our interactions. Jarrett was AWESOME and I know we would not have closed without all of his help and involvement. I always felt supported and advocated for when dealing with the sellers' agent and lawyer and had complete confidence in Jarrett and the team. Simply amazing. Don't use anyone else if you have a choice!

Luke P., Homeowner

QuickSilva Title went above and beyond to accommodate me and my mother handling our refinance. Attorney Mark Silva was able to meet us at our home at 10:30pm! They truly do close anywhere at anytime, highly recommend to anyone refinancing or purchasing their home, World class service.

Dan B., Homeowner

Jessica assisted my buyer client in the purchase of his first home. She was extremely responsive and patient and walked him through every step of the home buying process. Jessica was quick to return emails and phone calls day or night. Like many real estate transactions, this one did not come without complications. Jessica got us through the bumps along the way and held the deal together. I would higher recommend QuickSilva Title.

Kristin G., Realtor

I recently worked with QuickSilva Title for the purchase of my first home.They made me feel comfortable and kept me aware of the happenings of the transaction from beginning to end. No matter what question I had, and I had a lot, no matter the time of day I was able to get an answer. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a Attorney to handle their purchase of a new home.

Stan G., Homeowner

This is one of those services that most people rarely need, but once I did I learned there are definitely some differences between different companies. I'm now a big fan of QuickSilva Title, and I am always recommending them to friends. They're extremely competitive priced, and the work is top notch. We've never had a problem and the responsiveness to request and follow-ups has been terrific.

Doug F., Homeowner

I have been using Ted Silva's office (Quick Silva Title) for over 10 years now. I am impressed by his office for a variety of reasons. They are very responsive and very accessible. They even have a staff attorney on call during the weekend to help with new and pending transactions. They offer a quick turn around time on purchase and sale agreements, and they do this in a very thorough manner. I have also found Ted, his brother Mark (also an attorney in the firm) and staff attorneys Patrick Fitzpatrick, Jessica Cunha, Rich Northrop, and many others to be great advocates for their clients. They are all have a great demeanor and are creative problem solvers, and offer practical advice. The firm's support staff is also great. Another thing that really stands out is their willingness to close a deal anytime, anywhere. I know this is their slogan, but it is also their true business practice. I highly recommend QuickSilva Title!

Mike C., Homeowner

I love the customer service with the quick response to emails. You have a great TEAM!!

Kelly H. Mortgage Loan Officer

Thank you so much for your flawless execution today on both closings! I look forward to working with you again in the future as I begin my new career in real estate . Thank you again to you and your team!

Jerry, Realtor

We signed last night and were impressed with QuickSilva Title’s flexible, delightful service. Thank you all for your help on this.

Jennyfer, Processor